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Loose Tea
Rich Brew Tea in Triple Laminate Bags

Cottage Special in Calico Bags
English Breakfast
Orange Pekoe (OP)

Pet Bottles
Broken Orange Pekoe Tea 250g, 500g

Mini Cartons
20g Ceylon Gold Tea Cartons
20g Chinese Green Tea Cartons
15g Hospitality Blend Tea Cartons
15g Morning Glory Tea Cartons
10g Earl Grey Tea Cartons
10g Tasters Choice Tea Cartons
10g Connoisseurs Delight Tea Cartons
10g Darjeeling Tea Cartons

A selection of 7 speciality teas from selected areas with distinctively different characteristics in terms of taste and qualities in 100g and 200g packing
Nuwara Eliya
Kandy Tea
Victorian Blend

A selection of 11 speciality teas with distinctively different tastes and qualities in 100g and 200g packing.
Royal Colonial Tea Cartons
Chinese Green Tea Cartons
Sencha Green Tea Cartons
Presidents Brew Tea Cartons
Rich Pioneer Tea Cartons
Victorian Brew Tea Cartons
Classical High Tea Cartons
Mlesna Colonial Tea Cartons
Earl Grey Tea Cartons
English Breakfast Tea Cartons
Elephant Brand Tea Cartons

Swiss Fondue Tea
Swiss Fondue Tea

Metal Caddies
Victorian Blend Caddies

Loolcondera Caddies

Gourmet Tea Caddies from Different Areas
Uva Tea Caddies
Nuwara Eliya Tea Caddies
Dimbula Tea Caddies

Gourmet Tea Caddies - Different Blends
English Breakfast Tea
Earl Grey Tea

Caddy Stickers in 50g Packing
Earl Grey

Triple Laminate Bags
Black Tea Triple Laminate Bags
Kandy Tea
Rich Brew Tea
English Breakfast Tea
Family Special Blend

Tea Bag Cartons
Pure Ceylon Tea - Elephant Design
Ceylon Gold Luxury Blend
English Breakfast
Trunk Up Elephant
Premium Highlands
Kandy Tea

Paper Envelope Tea Bags
Normal Tea
English Breakfast
Orange Pekoe

Foil Envelope Tea Bags
English Breakfast

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