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  1. What is tea? And difference between other herbal infusions.

“Tea” in today’s context is a term used very freely to describe most warm drinks that are produced by infusing any dried / dehydrated leaf, fruit, flower, etc. The true meaning then of “tea” is the leaf (two leaves & a bud) from the bush “Camellia Sinensis” which is used to produce both Black Tea & Green Tea. All other Teas can then be classified as Herbal infusions with various additives.


What is the difference between Green, Black and Flavoured Tea?

Many people believe that black tea and green tea is produced from two different trees, in fact some even believe that tea is just a shrub. Contrary to these beliefs tea is actually a tree but is maintained as a shrub through a process of pruning. Black tea and green tea come from this same tree.

The main difference between black tea and green tea is that of the process of manufacture, where black tea is fermented and green tea is not. Fermentation turns tea red during the process and eventually turns it black when the tea is dried.

As green tea is not fermented and only heat-treated it retains its colour. How and why the process of fermentation for tea was discovered, according to the annals of history, is unclear. It is possible that it made storage and preservation of tea easier and more convenient for longer periods of time.

Though these two types are varied, and each has its own distinctive taste, the popularity of black tea grew immensely and so today many people prefer black tea. The doors open to the ways in which black tea can be consumed are many and its variations are limitless. Owing to the fact that there has been a considerable amount of research done on the health benefits of consuming tea both black and Green, there has been an increase in the consumption of both types.

Flavoured Tea could be either Black or Green tea Flavoured with natural or nature identical flavours or other additives such as flowers or spices to produce the required infusion.


How do I brew myself a proper cup of Black Tea? Green Tea?
Flavoured Tea?

For a good cup of tea use Fresh boiling water instead of water that has been continuously on the boil. Use one Teabag or one Teaspoon of Tea per cup; in the instance a Tea pot is being used, use one extra teaspoon of Tea for the pot.

For Black & Green Tea brew the Tea for 3 to 4 minutes. Once the tea has been infused to the required colour & taste strain the tea to separate the brewed tea leaves from the infusion. If a Tea Bag is being used remove the Tea bag from the cup.

For Flavoured Black or Green tea brew the leaf for 3 minuets.

Serve Black Tea with milk or without milk with a slice of lemon or lime with sugar or sweetener to taste. Flavoured Black tea should be consumed without milk, add sugar or sweetener to taste.

We suggest that all green teas both Flavoured and non-Flavoured should be consumed plain without milk or sugar.

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