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Making tea involves more than just immersing a tea bag in a cup of hot water. There’s a finer art to bringing out the subtle flavours of this refreshing drink. The secret lies in the brewing. We’ll show you how to transform the simple act of drinking tea into an extraordinary experience.

Hot Tea
Bring your water to the boil and pour it immediately into a cup or teapot.
Use one teabag or one teaspoon of tea per cup. If you are using a teapot include one extra teaspoon.
Leave the tea to brew for 3 or 4 minutes. Once the tea has been infused to the required colour and taste, strain the tea to separate the brewed leaves from the infusion. If you are using a teabag remove it from the cup or squeeze the bag with a teaspoon if you prefer a stronger cup of tea.
Serve with a dash of milk or a slice of lime. You may also add sugar or a sweetener to taste.

Iced Tea
Follow the instructions given above for hot tea.
Once the tea is brewed do not add milk or sugar.
Leave the brew to cool to room temperature before chilling or serving over cubes of ice.
Add sugar syrup to taste.
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