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An herb indigenous to Sri Lanka - "Polpala", botanically known as "Aeura Lanata", is famous for its kidney nourishing and diuretic properties. The 100g package is of printed triple aluminium lined fabric, and the 50g cloth sachet comes complete with the inner triple laminate sachet. The 50g package with its cloth outer cover is suitable as a gift.

Camomile Tea Bags

Pure natural camomile flowers, cultivated on special plantations in Greece, are reputed to have nerve soothing characteristics as well as a natural presence of Vitamin C. Our camomile tea bags are flavour sealed in string and tag tea bags and are packed in a laminated foil sachet.

Peppermint Tea Bags

Natural peppermint leaves from the Greek Islands are cut to size and are sealed in string and tag tea bags in a foil laminated pouch. These tea bags are available in 1.5g cartons and are an ideal after dinner beverage.

Our peppermint tea bags blend well with our green tea bags, to make a brew of Peppermint Green Tea, providing a special, soothing brew, which can be consumed at anytime of the day.

Herb Tea Bag Mat Basket

A blend of green tea and Aeura Lanata (Polpala) has been created for those who prefer soothing a herbal tea that is totally devoid of caffeine. This tea can be drunk at anytime of the day and can be consumed either hot or cold.
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