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Helsinki Tea
This is a refreshing recipe that retains the full flavour of the tea, and has the advantage of being alcohol-free, making it an ideal drink for children who enjoy the taste of tea. Helsinki Tea can be prepared using fruit-flavoured teas such as strawberry or raspberry.
Ingredients -  ½ litre (18 fl oz/2 cups) water
 4 – 6 teaspoons tea
 50 – 100g (2 – 4 oz/¼ - ½ cup) sugar or 4 tablespoons sugar syrup
 1 apple
 1 untreated lemon
 4 fresh peppermint leaves
Method - Use boiling water to brew the tea for about 4 minutes before straining it off and leaving it to cool. To make the sugar syrup, dissolve the sugar in 8 tablespoons boiling water to form a thick syrup. Drop ice cubes into 4 cups or glasses and add 1 tablespoon of sugar syrup to each. Peel the apple and slice it thinly; place the slices over the ice. Top up with cold tea, and garnish with peppermint leaves and a slice of lemon.