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  Terms Describing Infused Tea Leaf
Aroma - smell or scent denoting inherent character usually in a tea grown at high altitudes.

Biscuity - a pleasant aroma often found in well-fired Assam.

Bright - a lively bright appearance, which usually indicates that the tea will produce a bright liquor.

Coppery - bright leaf that indicates a well manufactured tea or make of tea.

Dark - a dark or dull colour that usually indicates poorer leaf quality.

Dull - lacks brightness and usually denotes poor tea. Can be due to faulty making (manufacture) and firing, or a high moisture content.

Green - when referring to black tea it means the leaf has been under fermented, or alternatively it can be a leaf plucked from immature bushes and will often, when liquored, result in a raw or light liquor. Can also be caused by poor rolling during making or manufacture.

Mixed or Uneven - leaf of uneven colour.

Tarry- a smoky aroma.